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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Response to Murphy's Law.....Murphy's got about two seconds before he ends up with a severe limp!

Quick highlights since last post....before yesterdays:

1. Mom had her pacemaker put in: She is doing fine now and can drive again.
2. Dad's jeep had a broken switch for the fog lights which killed the battery. The switch was coverd under warranty, the battery wasn't.
3. The jeep sat at work for a few days because we got a ride home, then dad complained of jaw pain Friday night. We took him to the emergency room that Sunday (this is a week from last Sunday). It turned out he had a small heart attack. He had two stents put in and had a small section angioplastied. He is now eating a limited diet. We surmise this is actually his second one as a symptom of a minor heart attack is illness that can last for 3 weeks, which he had when returning from China in March (it turns out a whole artery on the back of his heart was clogged, but the other smaller arteries compensated).
4. Dad can drive again.
5. Dad hasn't returned to work yet.
6. My computer mysteriously turned off, then didn't want to turn on after several tries. Computer Deli thought it might be a short in the power supply when I called in, but when I took it in, it worked fine. I brought it home and set it up identical to how it was set worked.
7. I was ill for the later part of dad's stay in the hospital. I'm better now.
8. The Sunday we took dad into the ER I was supposed to meet the Boy Scouts at Concordia to stay with them at Ingersoll for a week......they weren't at Concordia at noon.....I went home. I have not heard from them, and I have tried reaching them via email and
9. I turn 24 on Sunday.
10. God blessed us by not making this worse.

Oh, and one minor crap note: I won't be going to China.....the date for the first injection of molds was pushed back to the 23rd of August....the day classes start. I guess there's always another time :-/.



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