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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bored at Work....Grab a Snickers "Christian Denominator Selector"
My results from most similar to least.
1. Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
2. Eastern Orthodox Church
3. Evangelical Lutheran Church
4. Roman Catholic Church
5. Church of Christ
6. Episcopal/Anglican Church
7. Methodist/Weslyan Churches
8. International Church of Christ
9. Assemblies of God
10. Free Will Baptist
11. Menonite Bretheren
12. United Pentecostal Church
13. Orthodox Quakerism
14. Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church
15. Reformed Churches
16. Seventh-Day Adventists
17. Southern Baptist
18. Mormonism
19. Presbyterian Church, USA
20. Reformed Baptist
21. Jehovah's Witnesses
22. Liberal Quakerism
23. Unity Church
24. Unitarian Universalism


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