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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I Wanna Play Video Games

Man, exams suck! First I've got my big bad physics final Monday night, then if that wasn't enough, genetics owns me the next morning at 9am! If you're not wincing yet, I've got a stats exam the next night with labs on both Wednesday and Thursday mornings. I know, everyone really knows this and they think I'm getting a little long-winded and whiney.....well they're right. How often do I friggin whine about anything? Complain, yes, but whine?

I feel kinda bad for my friend Bish. He asked a girl out on Monday and she said "maybe" (a.k.a. hell no), and the excuse was that she wasn't going to be here this weekend. Now this may be a singular occasion in which the girl is actually being truthful and she actually won't be here this weekend (although you think "maybe" would indicate that she would be somehow available), but my spidey-sense says otherwise. What is it about "girls" (I reserve the term women for females who actually say yes or no and know what they want) that makes them want to play with guys heads....even if it's subconciously? I remember asking a girl out sophomore year in high school. She was cool, cute, smart, and she was a friend. I figured, "she'd be willing to go out once and get to know me better." Man I was a naieve moron. She said maybe but gave an excuse for the night I suggested. I asked her a second time and she said she had to check her schedule. I STILL fell for it at this point (for those of us who haven't dated saying maybe gets our hopes up :-(). Finally the thrid time I caught on and asked her for a straight yes or no.....the answer should be painfully obvious.

Seriously! What is it about girls (especially friends) that make them not want to even go out with you. The excuses I've heard (or my friends have experienced) range from, "I don't want to hurt the friendship" to "you're not my type." If you're not their type wouldn't they not be your friend then? If they don't want to hurt the friendship how come they act way differently after they learn you like them and the awkwardness lasts for a while (for me on two occasions, one year!) ....THAT KILLS THE FRIENDSHIP LITTLE LADY! If that is the way girls are going to act why don't they just bite the bullet and actually try it?

I only bring up friends who are girls because let's face shy types don't ask out random girls (see my previous post if you have trouble understanding this concept :-/). Also getting to dating a friend, even if it doesn't lead anywhere could also have the possibility of making the friendship better (that option never seems to pop into their heads). I think if they are your friend then they especially should answer with a straight answer. "Hey do you want to go out sometime?" "No." "That's cool. Hey, how did you do on that test...." It isn't that FREAKIN HARD!

Finally for the women/girls reading this who think that any flirting from a guy means they like you, read my previous post. We aren't as shady as you are! Man.....I don't know where this whole rant came from but dang!


Anonymous Julia said...

Perhaps it's the optimist in me, but I like to think that 'I need to check my schedule' means the girl is actually busy at that point, and needs to see when she's available. I think it's pretty shitty that it's used as a way to avoid saying 'no.'

1:10 AM  
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