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Monday, September 17, 2007

Thinking Bloggers-Part 3 I Guess

Cheryl Magness recently said I was a blogger who made her think. The goal of this exercise is that I now nominate five blogs that have not been nominated yet which make ME think. If I call your name, step up and grab a seat on the bench :-). But seriously, if you are nominated, you then have to nominate five blogs that make YOU think and have not been nominated. You also need to link to this post which is the original.


1) Weedon's Blog - 'Nuff said. Really though, Fr. Weedon has some dynomite quotes from the early church fathers and the Lutheran fathers. His original work always makes you question what you took for granted you knew (or thought you did ;-)). I would recommend his blog and his congregation's website to anyone wishing to learn about patristics.

2) Father Hollywood - Father Beane always provides great sermons and his political musings are just funnier than sin....well, it isn't hard to be funnier than sin, but it's the best I have. I highly recommend his blog when it comes to atomic (sorry, dynomite was used above) sermons that hit home the message of God's grace through Christ.

3) House, M Div. - Literally the FUNNIEST blog I have EVER read from a Lutheran pastor. The post on Solomon's Porch is by far my favorite so far.....he's just such a smart alleck!

4) Orthophile - A blog by Cheryl that explores many "darker" areas of Lutheran theology...well, it touches theology that few are brave enough to tread. The best part is that it is biblical and she thinks like a Lutheran! Most of my vocabulary comes from the discussions she has with people in the comments.

5) Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions - A roundtable discussion about the Lutheran Confessions by learned and able pastors who desire a better understanding of what our church teaches about God's Word. Boxing gloves are optional.


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