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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The First Semester Comes to a Close

Classes this semester: 1. Introduction to Philosophy. - Mr. Irwin
2. Comparative Religions - Dr. Pearce

Classes next semester: 1. Survey of Film - ?
2. Logic - Mr. Irwin
3. Ethics - Dr. Pearce
4. Philosophy of Religion - Dr. Weber

I.C.C. has a philosophy of religion class but not philosophy of science or introduction to Christianity???? both are fairly low to middle philosophy/religious studies I'm surprised.

What's done: 1. The rough draft of my research paper in Comparative Religions.
2. The application forms for the Ft. Wayne seminary.
3. Classes for this semester.

What's not: 1. The final draft of the research paper.
2. Ordering my GRE scores, ICC transcript, Bradley transcript, and signed background check.
3. First meeting with the young ragamuffin who I'm a faith mentor to.

I think I can handle this :-). Oh, btw. Does anyone know (and I know this is a very select few people) if Dr. Voelz's class on basic Greek on i-tunes U is similar to the introductory courses at Ft. Wayne? He seems to treat the language as if no one else teaches it the same. So far though, I like how he does it...particularly his 3-fold division of verbs. It makes the connecting vowel easy to remember and keep separate from the endings, which once they are separated from the C.V. seem similar in forms to Latin......which I need to review :-/. Just thought I'd ask :-).

God bless you this Advent season.


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