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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Moratorium Has Begun...No More Posts On Issues, Etc. Till After Easter Sunday

This letter is a copy of what I sent to David Strand. After this post I will resume purely religious and evangelical posts related to the Passion of Our Lord (as per Fr. Weedon's suggestion on a moratorium).

Mr. Strand,

I would like to express my deepest condolences for the loss of the Synod on Tuesday. The decision to cancel Issues, Etc. and replace it with an "alternative" program (whatever that means in political jargon) is I hope a deeply misguided mistake. Many people outside of our denomination (Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Reformed Baptist, Presbyterian), not to mention within, are saddened by the loss of (in some cases the only) Lutheran program they listened to. As one of the most popular programs, I cannot believe it is a result of lack of funds or popularity.

I sincerely urge an HONEST answer as to why this decision was made and why Fr. Wilken and Mr. Schwartz were unceremoniously removed without any warning (they have families and loved ones for God's sake!). Such is the Christian duty of those whom the church herself by the authority of God has placed as her leaders. The Synod is now in more turmoil then I think anyone realized...many are considering leaving the Synod, and as a result many outside the Synod are looking at her leadership in disgust and this decision in disgust.

I pray this decision was not a politically motivated decision to stab fellow Christians in the back because they weren't onboard with a completely outdated and ineffective plan for evangelism that makes Martin Luther spin in his grave. We are to be unified...and I realize that this political debate goes back and forth, with un-Christian attitudes on BOTH sides. But I strongly urge that this decision is repealed, or else this Synod could very well be dead. No one wants to go to a Synod that claims to be Lutheran yet acts very similar to the Papacy in its authority and infallibility.

This program and its ministry brought me back to the fold of Lutheranism and the Gospel when I would have otherwise left. Do not let this slide by making enemies of brothers. Please do not make me regret my decision to remain in the LCMS. I like to think I am in a denomination of Christ's love, charity, and respect for one another.

Blessings on you and your family's Holy Week. Soli Deo Gloria,

Mr. Christopher Heren
B.S. Geology, B.A. Integrative Biology - U of IL 2005
A.A. Philosophy - I.C.C. in progress


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