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Thursday, March 10, 2005

I Wanna Get In The Fridge Too!

I haven't posted in a while primarily due to the extensive anal week I've been having. No, not anal as in porn but anal as in how strict I've had to be on myself this week. What with a physics final (I passed 213 with a D and damn am I happy), a genetics exam (I think I schooled it), a stats exam (I don't know how I did yet), two bio labs that required the most in depth work yet, and two new (and most interesting) topics for my bio lectures meant I had to go to them. I missed the first quantum physics lecture because I just had to sleep after I came home from the thermo final and did an all-nighter to prepare for genetics the following morning. Right now I'm utterly exhausted and still have a physics discussion tonight and HOPEFULLY I'll have enough energy to work out afterwards considering I haven't done it in like a week.

But enough complaining and bragging about how busy I am.....why do people do that anyway? What's next? Ah, drama. I haven't had much this last week since I've been going through hell. I considered myself lucky if I saw or talked to girls at all this week. But let's see......girls I saw (besides teachers and TAs), were primarily RAs and sadly I can't even remember most of the potential conversations I've had with them. I know I've said hi to Libby and briefly exchanged IMs with her.....I talked to Nicole on the phone once, IM the night she did an all-nighter, and in person when the fire alarm was going off in Saunders......I saw Regine, Annika, Shannon, and Nicole at our Staff D meeting....which I sadly missed most of since I was taking a stats exam (and I really wanted to play Nicole's game :-(). I also have exchanged IMs with Bekah and Julia. Aside from that......meh.

I bring up the Staff D meeting though because they played a game in which the RAs on both the Blaisdell/Saunders (best staff :-P) and Babcock/Carr staff answered questions like "what would a guy do that would make him look gay," or "what do women find attractive in a man." I know what I answered and quite frankly I answered mine honestly. Most guys said that curves/breasts/booty were what they thought was attractive in a girl and some of the girls said muscles were attractive in a guy. I agree that these are attractive, but I know attractive girls (who I wouldn't even mind dating) who weren't the most curvacious or buxom girls out there, but they had beautiful eyes and face and that was what attracted me to them. Whether girls feel the same way about guys is unknown.....hey, I'm still single so I guess that answers that question >:-/. Girls of course said they thought that they liked men with a sense of humor too.....hey, I've been told I'm funny (whether looking came afterwards though I don't know)....and I'm still single.

It's amazing really. I don't ask women out anymore....I refuse. Why? I've done it in the past and been shot down each time. So as I've put forth earlier, I want the girl to initiate the conversation or I want to be COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY CONVINCED A GIRL LIKES ME AS WELL before I'll ask them out. Really I don't care. I've also said what I'm attracted to and what I want in a relationship and it's not like I'll look at you if you've got these qualities and say "you're not the one." I really would date someone who fit my criteria (not even all of the points) who asked me unless I have a real major reason for not doing so. Oh well, I hate drama so I'll go on, but for girls out there.....YOU'VE BEEN TOLD BY ME WHAT TO DO TO GUYS LIKE ME!

On the plus side I do have a date for an undisclosed time......well, the date is actually 2 Best Buy gift certificates I won in an Uno tournament and since I don't win anything I've been enjoying it immensely. As for real women I don't have a date.....or since I'm on duty this weekend......a time for a date (unless they wanna come over here for a movie in my room or a board game in the lounge :-/....yeah, that goes over real well with women). I also was stupid today. I went to quantum lecture and I signed up for a textbook for physics that I'm suppossed to review (I guess????). Did I think it would look good for the professor so I don't fail the class? Did I think maybe going over the material from multiple sources would help me learn it better? Did I zone out and the fickle finger of fate directed me towards my physics destiny???? Why can't it do that for relationships....I want the shy one with the pretty smile who makes me smile (hey, that describes my cat....GROSS!).

I also was dissappointed with my evolution lab. I thought we were going to be watching courtship rituals for fruit flies (fruit fly softcore porno baby!) but no, we did computer simulations about Darwin's finches....whooptie shit. Well, I gotta get ready for my discussion.....wish me luck and some energy.


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