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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

R.I.P. Steve Irwin

I'm kind of sad by this.....I always knew he'd die in the line of duty, but I never thought it'd be from a stingray, especially not by the 1-in-a million chance that happened. It sounds like the barb from the animal (which is located near the base of the tail) was extended and thrust towards Irwin because he had accidentally boxed it in. The barb (which is sharp and hard and has potential toxin) pierced his aorta through his rib cage (or under it).

I don't know about his religious persuasions, but I will say that this popularizer of science will be missed, particularly among zoologists who are becomming few and far between. I may have disagreed with his stance on evolution, I may have disagreed with his more Green policies, but I always enjoyed watching his show (even if he did some pretty stupid things).

I can only hope he knew Christ before he died. Steve Irwin will be missed.


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