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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Salve Regina

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-Darwin LOLed!
Scripture of the Day:
Psalms - Morning: Psalm 84
Evening: Psalm 42 and 32
Icon of the Day: The Crowning of the Theotokos (see discussion below).
One major problem in Lutheranism, and in fact most Evangelicalism today is that any reference to the Most Holy Virgin Mary is usually as just some other person in Scripture, maybe some more attention is paid via lip service since she was the vessel that God chose to send His Son to earth through. However, a cohesive Mariology should follow from a cohesive, historical, and Scriptural Christology. Remember, all the saints, particularly Mary are to point us to Christ!
Perhaps a reader could better direct me as to when the title of "Queen of Heaven" was either openly or implicitly denied by the majority of Lutherans. This title seems appropriate, not by treating her as equal to God, but by giving her the position that Revelation gives the woman who gives birth....that of the Queen Mother who had high honor but no real power compared to the king.
To be continued.....!


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