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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Something for Nothing

Funny Links of the day:
The patron saint of YTMND.
I didn't know St. Patrick was THAT cool.
He actually is a saint while still a sinner....and this is my last saint link :-)
St. Paul wasn't at the Last Supper....but still funny.
Oh...those ELCAs :-)..........LOL.
The music was better in 1054.
Mormon theology.......LOL.
Gangsta Luther.
I don't know if I already posted Martin Luther doing the Chicken Dance...but here it is.

Good Links of the day:
An apologetics guy who came to U of I quite often....but this video highlights a weak point in his's an important one.......can you guess what it is........COUGH: Bondage of the Will.

I have my invertebrate zoology final tomorrow....well, not today. Pray for that please.

I picked up a thinline compact edition of the Holy Bible (ESV). I find it funny that you can always get a Gideon New Testament for free, yet to get the whole Bible you have to pay. I found it kind of ironic that the Law costs something, like money, which some might hold as precious. The Gospel can be obtained for free.......kind of like Salvation which is free.

I just kind of found that ironic.


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