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Monday, December 04, 2006

News for Newsies.

Funny links of the day:
The Catholic Church had ONE weakness!
Darwin in ACTION!
Eowyn didn't kill the Witch King....candy not made by human hands did.
Kinda freaky.
The king tries to escape fascism!
And the epic stare-off.
Once you watch this, your YTMND will have 7 days!
Has this happened to you pastors yet?
I REALLY hope this hasn't happened during a sermon in a Lutheran church....old ladies would faint left and right!

Serious/Scary links of the day:
Is it scary that there wasn't a living person in that doorway.
This painting freaks the crap out of me.
Disturbing video of a Russian Orthodox exorcism......say demons don't exist after you see this.

News: My research has hit a dead end because I have been unable to find specimens for dissection. No biological supply house has pregnant oviparous sharks or viviparous sharks, and Carolina doesn't have pregnant viviparous reptiles or amphibians. It will still be an active interest, but not my masters thesis project. I've talked to one of my professors about possibly looking at skull bones across fish species and comparing them for a phylogeny. We'll see if Dr. Foster would rather I help him do something else. Describing new invertebrate species could be cool if he wanted me to do that.

Responses from "Way of the Master": None

My response to another false teaching from "Way of the Master Radio": Todd stated that to be a Christian means you don't need therapy, you need the Holy Spirit. If you are in therapy for a problem you are probably not a "born again" Christian and you need to be saved because you were most likely a false convert. This was in reference to Ted Haggerd. Apparently if you have an addiction to a certain sin the Holy Spirit is not "convicting" you enough, and you are not a truly new creation. Where is this in Scripture Todd, and do you REALLY understand what St. Paul is talking about? We all struggle with an's called SIN........being addicted to a certain serious sin does not damn you or mean you aren't saved!!!!


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