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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Now the Decision is "Programmatic" and "Stewardship" Related....HUH?

According to the website, the reason "Issues, etc." was canceled was due to "programmatic" and "stewardship" related reasons. After those two very vague terms, the promise of "new programming in this time slot" was given.

Now, I'm not taking logic or anything (oh wait, yes I am), but it seems to me that to say "stewardship" and "new programming in this time slot" seems a little bit of a contradictory answer. I also doubt it was programmatic, since it can't be based on the time slot itself, as Fr. Wilken and Mr. Schultz were as surprised to be canned as anyone else.

No, I think this shows that the LCMS is still tight-lipped about the decision, which is growing more and more blatantly political as the vague answers which make absolutely no sense keep coming out. It's okay then....the Synod will either die or will purge that which is grotesque to the nature of Christ's church.

If anyone is from the LCMS hierarchy and is reading's a tip: Don't say "stewardship" and "new program" in the same sentence for different effects. It's like saying, "I sold my reliable and worthwhile car because I couldn't afford it anymore...I instead bought a 2008 car." Yeah...if that makes sense, I want you NOWHERE near my finances thank you very much.

I mean come on, the LCMS hierarchy may not be filled with theologians (which in and of itself is a completely crappy strategy...I don't think that's what "being a fool for Christ" means), but even kindergarteners can reason better than that...please.

Seriously, just be honest and give a full schpiel, "we fired the staff of Issues, etc. because they and the program did not conform to the watered down pseudo-Gospel message we want as our new image." Seriously, if you want to play Seminex all over again with the positions reversed, that's fine...just be prepared to actually have a backbone and STAND UP FOR YOUR DECISION BY FACING THEIR CONSEQUENCES AND BEING TRUTHFUL!

Rant mode off.


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