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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Let's F*ckin' Old School!

Man, I haven't been updating this thing regularly....I feel like a jackdonk in Tagge's words. Well I sucked butt on my stats exam....but then I figure I fell asleep so it wasn't that bad. I got 4 points above the average on my stucture and function class (plant section)....sooooo right now I feel pretty good about my grades. I'm still feeling down in the female department but hey, there's always be depressed :-(.

In other news, I'm skipping a departmental meeting today about the new changes in the department of geology....which will be pretty much non-existent as of next year or so when we combine with the departments of geography and atmospheric sciences to give incoming freshmen the "School of Integrated Earth Studies and Other Random Impressive Bullshit Words to Make us Look Good." Wow, I don't think a one of these departments is in the top anything for undergrad or grad schools (geology MAY be in top 10 grad programs for hydrogeology). But yeah, Marshak'll retire in a few years, Dan will be completely retired after this do we have any real geologists (maybe Lundstrom)? No, it'll be a department of chemists and physicists who won't really know anything about other aspects of geology. I study fossils but at least I know something about volcanoes, structure, and mineralogy. I dont' think I'll be giving anything to this department when I become an alumnus. It's never really treated me well, nor do I feel least among some of the people.

In still other news I'm heading to Panama City Beach, Florida for Spring Break with Campus Crusade for Christ. We'll do contact evangelism :-( and semi-party :-). Sorry, I know God is the one who works when contact evangelism is done, but still I find it to be a way God may not want us to do. We should be strengthening our relationships with others so that evangelism is more effective than simply saying, "hey, you wanna learn about God?" or "Hey, you wanna fill out a quick survey (i.e. shadiness)." I am looking forward to it, but other things still bother me.

Am I going to get into a good grad school? Will I end up working with my desired group of animals (Lepidosaurs-the extinct marine ones) or will I end up still working with mammals (which is still fine)? How will I pay for my living conditions? Will I ever get married to a good woman? When will I end up going into seminary? Will I ever stop asking questions of this type in the blog?

On a brighter note....Bekah's birthday is tomorrow (as is St. Patrick's Day) and I got her one of the best gifts....but she'll have to wait for tomorrow to find out what it is.

And about women in is a rhetorical question. Given: You know you can make guys jump through hoops (well, most of them). Why? What can you do? I don't get it at all!!!! Oh well, till tomorrow.


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