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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Time Warp

Did anyone ever see the old movie from the 1950s or 1960s based on H.G. Welles "The Time Machine?" The movie version (I haven't read the book) at the end has the main character going forward in time to rejoin the group of humans who he helped save from the Morlocks. He was going to rebuild their civilization since they had become like cows....coddled and not taught anything and used as food for the subterranean mutants. His maid notices at the end that he took three books with him. She is unable to figure out which books he took, and another scientist who is with her asks, "if you went, what three books would you take?"

If it were to repair civilization:
1. Holy Bible (Spiritual)
2. Gray's Anatomy (Medical)
3. A general chemistry textbook like Zumdahl's "Chemistry" (physical science)

However, an interesting alternative question would be: If there were a civilization either in the future or in another dimension or something (this is completely hypothetical and I'm assuming that in the alternate dimension they need Salvation....and obviously in reality Christ's church will never disappear from the earth, so they would have some aspect of Christianity in the again, hypothetical and for your own thoughts) and they needed salvation and Christianity....what three books would YOU take?

1. Holy Bible (New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha....and only because it has the Apocrypha)
2. Book of Concord (Systematic Theology)
3. A tie between ("The City of God" by St. Augustine or "The Human Condition" by St. Basil the Great)

This is a really hard question to answer....and many of your answers will obviously vary....I'm just interested.

Pax Domini


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