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Monday, November 13, 2006

Post-Election.....Post :-/

On Tuesday, November 14th Anno Domini 2006, the church celebrates the holy and right-believing St. Justinian, the emperor of Rome and Byzantium in the sixth century.

Funny Links of the day:
It helps to read the question completely.
The phrase in this was voted by fans to be in the new Transformers movie...and people were PISSED!
Optimus Prime's got Madd Hax!
Live to win....till you die.
I love women.
I don't want this to happen if I disagree with a woman!

Um.....okay. I know that people were upset about the Republican Party being bad for whatever reason.....but seriously....why vote democratic (unless your democrat is conservative and not with the more liberal base)? More conservative measures were passed in states, but liberal people were elected and won both the House and the Senate.....and they will probably try to undo what you voted for..........W.....T.....F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you were always against the war in Iraq........would you want us to lose and make all the death meaningless in the long run? Or would you want us to win and keep the moral high ground you claim?

If you are against raising taxes by rich people on the working class......why vote Democratic so that Charlie Rengel can raise the taxes of working families? The fact of the matter is that the tax cuts for the rich are increasing our economy because it allows those people who spend most of their money in business to make investments.....and make more money for the economy....that's how this works.

If you are against abortion and embryonic stem need to double check who you voted for. If you are against the constitution.....and voted voted right. Honestly, a decision about the right to privacy in reference to abortion is an interpretation of a court of three amendments....our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms is a damn clear one and my state doesn't have a conceal/carry law......and I'm sick of it!!!

Anyway, if you voted Democratic (well, the liberal ones anyway) I have some good news for you....Al Quaida would have voted for them to! Thanks failed me........:-(....sad face.

In my news: E.O. Wilson came and spoke at Bradley on Thursday. He was talking about the premise behind his book "the Creation." I was tempted to write a Christian response to him, not as a fundamentalist or anything like that, but with a way to reach out to Christians beyond what he has. I don't believe he brought up a law and gospel attitude which exists between us and nature. The law is that nature is fallen because of us and our sin. However, because of Christ's grace acting in us and pouring out of us, and God's command to subdue the earth (not rape and pillage it) is the working to atone nature by the grace of Christ. We cannot just let the earth rot.....especially not if it is our fault! I just read Jesus's parable in St. Mark (chapter 12) concerning the vineyards and the servants who end up killing the owners son. We are to be caretakers of this vineyard that God put us in charge of. As Christians, we are to accept the son into the vineyard and help him do his father's bidding.

But you might argue that this world will pass away so why worry.......but that is the quintessential reason to work for anything as a Christian. We do not become nihilists and defeatists who accept failure on earth because of victory in eternity. We undergo the process of sanctification, some saints even to the point of manifesting stigmata or doing miracles, thus it is Christ's grace acting on their physical form....but their physical form will pass away eventually.

I will help shear this idea up and send him a letter. I agree that we should join with the materialists to save creation, but I disagree that we are two magisteria that cannot interfere as he and Stephen Gould argue. More on this will be written!

Pax Christi!


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