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Monday, January 09, 2006

It's ON!

Oh my, another month since my last update. What have I done in a month? Graduated, sat at home and did little......oh, I celebrated New Years with family and friends......I rearranged the furniture in my room......I'm still fighting U of I for my completed transcript so I can substitute teach this Spring. Aside from that pretty much nothing :-(. I've fallen into a boring state and I kind of like it. I'm too sick of staying up all night to study for a test I don't want to take in a class I don't care about. I have more time on my hands to work with the Boy Scouts again, do things for church (maybe music again), work at either Whitney's or substitute teach high school science, math, and history (maybe). Aside from that I'll be going to U of I again this weekend and will hopefully see people (and of course pretty girls ;-)). Till I feel more like writing, ciao!