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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve eve

Funny Links of the day:

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Icon of the day:
St. Christopher-My patron saint and martyr whose name means "Christ Bearer" because in Western Christianity he is reported to have ferried the infant Christ across a stream. Christ was actually a small child and the weight of him nearly crushed St. Christopher (who was Offero at the time). When he revealed himself as Christ he said that the weight was him bearing the world on his shoulders. He then baptized Offero who became St. Christopher. His life shows us that we need to carry Christ to the world, even when it seems as though the weight of such a task will crush us or we will die because of it, because Christ is with us into eternity.

What does it mean to be Confessional in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod?
This might seem to be a quaint question, yet it is one that is all the more troubling to me recently. Being "Confessional" in many ways is to be traditional and to accept the traditions of the doctors of the church who wrote down their thoughts in the Lutheran Confessions. While traditions have become a bad word in the Lutheran church, we need to be careful to use the term correctly. When we say "traditions of man," it is in a negative way, usually as a tradition that hinders the Gospel. However, there is a class of tradition called "Holy Tradition" which is the guiding power of the Holy Spirit and these teachings which are passed on to the church through time.

Ask yourself what is the difference between the writings of the church fathers and the writings of modern theologians. Why are the fathers given more authority? Why do we trust their list of the cannon of Scripture and their decisions on the orthodox understandings of the Holy Trinity, the Divinity of Christ, etc.?

Why do "Confessional Lutherans" tend to dislike or reject things like contemporary worship, syncretism, the ordination of women, and the tendency to undermine Holy Scripture. The other VERY important question is why do we seem to be in the minority in our synod?????!!!! Why do people call themselves Lutheran if they are not? Why does our synod still claim the name while the leadership continues to undermine the work of the Blessed doctors of our church who were guided by the Holy Spirit, without whose guiding help the church would have continued into ecclesiastical darkness? Perhaps it gets down to idolatry, and the notion that what is newer is inherently better. Many feel that new ways of worship attract more members. Regardless of the fact that it is causing many of our oldest members to leave the synod for either more conservative ones or for the Roman or Greek churches. In light of the direction much of our synod is going, I cannot blame them for going to a church that has trouble understanding justification least that is one of the few things they mess up (though I think this is trading one problem for another of equal importance).

President Kieschnick is going to be preaching at my church during its 150th aniversary this year.....and I'm half tempted to send him a letter expressing my dissappointment with his presidency. I know it will go unheard, unread, unresponded to, and overall ignored, but nonetheless I feel that I cannot just stand by while the tides of theological liberalism sweep into our synod and alter the clear teachings of Holy Scripture and overstep the boundaries of leadership. In essence he has become another pope, and a return to the Reformation must occur, or else we will continue to fracture and schism until the clear line that separated LCMS from ELCA becomes blurred to the point of assimilation. I have greatly considered joining the Orthodox church, because I feel there is room for Confessional Lutheranism within it. However, I cannot just abandon my church in its time of greatest need. What needs to occur is a greater push for confessionalism within the laity. If they are able to understand that the teachings currently being undermined are important for the Gospel, perhaps they will be more understanding.

What we also need is a push to make the leaders of our synod realize that by undermining the teachings they are, that they will end up becoming nothing more than another mainline evangelical church, and therefore no one will really care about their church. Also, the undermining is causing them to lose the members with the deepest spiritual roots while opening their arms for new Christians who don't have enough to spiritually grow on. What good is church if the means of grace are not administered at every Divine Service, or not administered rightly. What good is church if there is heterodox preaching and the ultimate goal of faith is to serve the individual in this life by making them happy and "purpose driven" rather than filled with the Spirit and responding in praise to Christ?

Alas, it is lost on most people that the beauty of the Liturgy is not in the beauty of the worship style itself, but on the Scriptures and understanding of the means of grace that Lutheranism has. It is beautiful becaue Christ Himself is with us and comes down to us......we don't need to reach up our hands and try to grasp Him as if he is an abstract concept that we want to "feel." In all things, we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide His church and to repair the ark of salvation so that it does not have holes that allow death to seep in and overtake its members. In all things I realize that my letter will do nothing, nor our efforts to repair the church, without constant prayer and the realization that repair must take God's grace. In all things we must ask that His will be done.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One Semester Down.....Hopefully 3 to GO!

Funny Links of the Day (there are a LOT of them):
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MacGuyver for NES....wait....that was from Back to the Future II & III!!!
macGuyver stuck in a glacier!
MacGuyver......that's not going to help in this case.
Thank you Squaresoft for NOT doing this.
Final Fantasy Aerobics

Festival of the Day: December 13th-St. Lucy (Virgin and Martyr)
Tomorrow: St. John of the Cross (Mystic)-Wrote "Dark Night of the Soul"

Scripture of the Day: Morning-Psalm 50
Old Testament: Isaiah 6:1-13
Epistle: 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12
New Testament: John 7:53-8:11
Evening: Psalm 53

I was able to put pictures of Trinity's sanctuary up. I took some from the first sermon that Pastor Jim Bettermann preached during the Common (or Ordinary) time of the church year. I only wish our congregation was as Confessional and high church liturgical as we ought.....Trinity would be absolutely beautiful if we began to re-use the incence, practice the liturgy of the hours, and have Communion every Sunday rather than every other. When asked why we do this, our pastor said that he disagreed with the practice, but said it came into practice because we were worried about looking too Roman we don't practice a good practice they do so we don't look like them?????? Do Martin Luther or Martin Chemnitz look worried about looking Roman Catholic???? They are holding rosaries in some of their pictures!!

There are also pictures from the St. Andrew's Society Reunion....complete with PHIL!!!! WOOT! And yes, that chubby gentleman is me carrying the Christ Candle....and yes, it is crooked.....HEY, it's been a while since I did the whole Acolyte thing.

I think my church (Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church) needs to have a Patron the Orthodox Churches do. I think the icon of the Holy Trinity would be excellent.

Finally, Fr. Weedon has an EXCELLENT radio interview series where he discusses the Historic Liturgy. It is 10 hours but every minute is worth it! If you ever thought that the Liturgy was scripted or that it doesn't really mean anything, or that it is man-made tradition, please listen to just one or two of these one hour presentations, complete with call in questions and I think you'll change your mind. They can all be downloaded from here.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Something for Nothing

Funny Links of the day:
The patron saint of YTMND.
I didn't know St. Patrick was THAT cool.
He actually is a saint while still a sinner....and this is my last saint link :-)
St. Paul wasn't at the Last Supper....but still funny.
Oh...those ELCAs :-)..........LOL.
The music was better in 1054.
Mormon theology.......LOL.
Gangsta Luther.
I don't know if I already posted Martin Luther doing the Chicken Dance...but here it is.

Good Links of the day:
An apologetics guy who came to U of I quite often....but this video highlights a weak point in his's an important one.......can you guess what it is........COUGH: Bondage of the Will.

I have my invertebrate zoology final tomorrow....well, not today. Pray for that please.

I picked up a thinline compact edition of the Holy Bible (ESV). I find it funny that you can always get a Gideon New Testament for free, yet to get the whole Bible you have to pay. I found it kind of ironic that the Law costs something, like money, which some might hold as precious. The Gospel can be obtained for free.......kind of like Salvation which is free.

I just kind of found that ironic.

Monday, December 04, 2006

News for Newsies.

Funny links of the day:
The Catholic Church had ONE weakness!
Darwin in ACTION!
Eowyn didn't kill the Witch King....candy not made by human hands did.
Kinda freaky.
The king tries to escape fascism!
And the epic stare-off.
Once you watch this, your YTMND will have 7 days!
Has this happened to you pastors yet?
I REALLY hope this hasn't happened during a sermon in a Lutheran church....old ladies would faint left and right!

Serious/Scary links of the day:
Is it scary that there wasn't a living person in that doorway.
This painting freaks the crap out of me.
Disturbing video of a Russian Orthodox exorcism......say demons don't exist after you see this.

News: My research has hit a dead end because I have been unable to find specimens for dissection. No biological supply house has pregnant oviparous sharks or viviparous sharks, and Carolina doesn't have pregnant viviparous reptiles or amphibians. It will still be an active interest, but not my masters thesis project. I've talked to one of my professors about possibly looking at skull bones across fish species and comparing them for a phylogeny. We'll see if Dr. Foster would rather I help him do something else. Describing new invertebrate species could be cool if he wanted me to do that.

Responses from "Way of the Master": None

My response to another false teaching from "Way of the Master Radio": Todd stated that to be a Christian means you don't need therapy, you need the Holy Spirit. If you are in therapy for a problem you are probably not a "born again" Christian and you need to be saved because you were most likely a false convert. This was in reference to Ted Haggerd. Apparently if you have an addiction to a certain sin the Holy Spirit is not "convicting" you enough, and you are not a truly new creation. Where is this in Scripture Todd, and do you REALLY understand what St. Paul is talking about? We all struggle with an's called SIN........being addicted to a certain serious sin does not damn you or mean you aren't saved!!!!