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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Funny Links of the Day:
The new ruler of Hell?
You heard the SILENT alarm.....that's impressive!
The turtle's greatest enemy....and Italian chef's favorite utensil.
So if Charlie were to defeat Willy Wonka.....
A classic link.
What stops what is supposed to be the ultimate sword fight?....CHAFING!!!!

Scriptures for the Day: Tomorrow (January 24th) is the feast of St. Timothy!
Joel 2:18-32
Romans 11:25-12:13

Icons for the time I've missed!:
Nativity of Christ-Birth of Christ
Circumcision of Christ-Believe it or not, this is what New Years should be all about!
Holy Epiphany-The Three Wise Men visit the young Christ
Theophany-Christ's Baptism

News: A lot has happened since Christmas Eve Eve. I got to see McG, Tagge, and Andy. I got straight A's in school. McG brought over some holy water from the blessing of the waters on the Saturday before the Eastern Orthodox's Theophany feast and blessed everything....particularly my basement toilet, which broke and flooded the basement that night....and since then we've had non-stop problems with our basement plumbing. I guess there is quite a demonic presence in our sewage system :-D.

I went to Teens Encounter Christ with the high school kids and Shannon. We all got something great out of the experience.....some of the girls got wonderful strep germs to! I started a program called "pop" Theology where the high school kids meet me at a random eating establishment and we have a soda and discuss an advanced theological topic informally yet guided. The predestination/free will discussion was okay....but I need to talk louder, take cell phones away, and sit in a circle so they can hear better. The next subject will be Holy Communion.

I popped something in my lower back, and I'm in extreme pain. I tried to get out of the house today and go to Bible study in the morning....and I just couldn't continue the day. I look like an old man and move about as fast........and right now people are probably laughing because they're like....what else is new....LOL.

I also started filling out the paperwork for Ft. Wayne seminary yesterday. I just need to tell dad.......the hardest part! But, if all goes the way it should, I'll have my M.S. after next school year, and then I'll go into seminary and be ordained by 30 (it's a 4 year masters) about 5.5 years until all that is done! WHEW. It's hard to believe that I'm writing about what I'm doing when I'm doesn't feel right to think I'll be that old in a little over half a decade. The other thing I'm thinking of is, if I have a 30 too old to get married? NAH, no way! Shannon even told me that people apparently try like mad to set up single guys like me with their other single friends at seminary.....LOL! "Hi, this is Chris. He's a chubby geek who will make you squirt milk out of your nose you'll laugh so hard. Take him on Jeopardy with you, he'll be a cynical smart donkey and know the most useless information." But seriously....I am that geeky :-D.

Ok, I'm tired, and in pain because of my back........I think I need to go to bed. Oh if only I had pain killers that actually worked :-(.