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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"There's a message in my says 'oooooo'" "Peter those are Cheerios."

This is for Jason Sweat who wondered where all those posts had gone. I told him it was because of a lack of drama and he said I didn't need drama in order to post. Well, poo-poo on that....I'll MAKE DRAMA! No, not really. I hate drama, though I have been asking people if their roommates are single and cute (and if they like cats it's always good)....yeah, I think I am desperate.

Anywho, I've moved in and so has everyone else. My dorm is the same as before and the people are still great (and many are lovely ;-)). Top of the list of cool things I did was attend Colin's 20th birthday party. We ended up getting pizza from Drew's Pizzeria which is a new place, and that was one hell of a deal ($5.43 for a large one topping). The next day was Quad Day and that was busy as usual. I saw Libby and Karen at different stands and also Alene (NOT doing geology club stuff cause Jeremey didn't want to....punk). So right now I'm just down with writing this out and trying to fill out a new post. If you must know what I did in order to pass the time, not much. I've been playing online Halo and watching "Dead Like Me." I went out with some friends but the lack of both Tony and Bekah are going to make this semester a little less cool I think :-(.

I'm gonna go now. Classes are tomorrow and I haven't figured out where my classes are yet.....that'll take about five minutes. Night.


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