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Sunday, April 24, 2005

He's Absolutely Right Kids, When You Drink, Nobody Wins!

Allright, I know I'm already committing blasphemy by having a non-Fensler Films G.I. Joe quote up, but since I saw the new Family Guy episode ahead of time I just had to put this in there from the shear hillarity of the quote (as well as its application to this weekend). First off, I've had a cold for the last few days and so this weekend was spent sniffling and coughing, but aside from that I'm fine. I went out on Friday night with Bekah, Lauren, Ashley, and Cam and we went to Murphy's till ~midnight, then we moved to Legends and met Lauren. Of course since Cam is so adorable Bekah instantly liked him (though they both met before when the three of us had hung out). After a while I took Cam home and then I went home and sacked out. The next day Andy was going to come down from Eastern Illinois University and I joined him with his fraternity (phi sigma pi) for their interchapter bar crawl here at U of I. We went to Hooters for dinner, watched the new episode of Family Guy, and from there we went to White Horse to meet up with his frat.

From white horse (8pm) we went to Station.....sadly yes, I did go into the bar. From there we went to Joe's where my first bottle of Budweiser was $2 then it went to $3 once people got in.....thanks douchebags (that and cover are the two reasons I don't like Joe's, plus I can't get free shit by shaking my chest and looking pretty). After a while there we went to Legend's, and at this point Bekah got off work and Lauren and her met us at Legend's. The EIU group decided to nix C.O.s/Kam's (good choice) and Murphy's (bad choice) to go to Brother's as a final bar......shitty conclusion. I left Andy at this point thinking that the girl who said she'd take advantage of him if he got drunk would watch him (I was watching him up to this point) since I didn't want to go to Brother's and I told him, "Andy, there's nothing good at Brother's, you have to go up stairs and the beer sucks." After he agreed he went and the rest of us went to Murphy's. While we were at Murphy's, Josh and Kalista showed up and I called Andy going, "douchebag, where are you?" He finally comes over all piss drunk and I'm going, wow, pretty impressive for only an hour and a half. He comes into the bar (Bekah went home sick at this point) and sits down with us. After a wierd bout of explaining how he almost got into a fight with a guy at Brother's for hitting on the girl he likes he goes and talks to my freshmen roommate who doesn't even recognize Andy. I pull him aside....he manages to drop alcohol on Lauren's leather jacket and hit on her a little. We finally go and Andy just pukes his guts out on the sidewalk. We head over to IHOP where I babysit him and he tells me about this guy in the group who was hitting on Shannon.

Now, a little background on some of the irony of the situation: Shannon is Andy's mentor for the fraternity at Eastern. She's got red hair and is the type of girl Andy likes. Well, he gives me the speech in Legend's about how most of this blog is bitching about girls (he's right), and that I worry to much about it (also probably right). However I tried to tell him it isn't that simple as not worrying about it. I told him I didn't worry about girls at all till this year and suddenly I was hit with multiple unexplained crushes. Also, if you really care for the girl/girls even if you don't end up dating them you get pissed if some random guy hits on them. Of course there's the obvious jealousy issue :-(. So he decides to drink shitloads of 3 he had beer and alcohol mix. Too much hard alcohol makes you puke and when you drink that with beer....not good. Plus he was rather emotional and that doesn't help things. But this was kinda a "I told you so" moment. He realized that. You can't act alloof to girls you like, you just can't. And if the crush isn't something you're really trying for it becomes hard to control your emotions. You kinda become the Hulk (Andy, that was for you :-)).

So yeah.....after that I took Andy here, we both sacked out while watching the new Pope's first mass and I woke up @ 11am to meet the parents. We saw "Kung Fu Hustle" which was funny as hell, then Andy left us, and I ate with the parents at Steak-N-Shake.

Before I end the post I should probably talk about other aspects of my life. Well, I'm still single and willing to take applications from single girls (good Christian ones of course.....with silky hair and pretty eyes and if it isn't too much trouble a good personality, but I'm sure there's a plastic surgery for that by now.....allright this last part is B.S.). Of course I wouldn't turn down help in getting said female, but of course that rarely happens as people forget often about things like that. In fact Andy said, "if I had a dollar for every time I've been told that I'd be a rich man." I ended up doing a stress buster the night I got sick rather than work on the thesis (which I SHOULD be able to finish effectively by the 5th). I also will probably buy a ticket to Nicole's other concert which should be cool (the Black Chorus here is actually REALLY good) and I get to see Les Miserables with Cam this Thursday. Of coure I've got my kickin boxers for the RA banquet this Wednesday. One of my residents said I should wear them all the time (they looked like "gladiator" boxers :-P).

Well, I'm tired and I'm going to be studying later tonight, so SEE YA!


Anonymous Michael said...

You should NOT wear them all the time. God no.....

10:55 PM  

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