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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Get That Kid Off My Ice You Little Wankers!

I went home over the weekend (well, we didn't have a physics lab and I said f*ck you other classes for Friday) and while I was home some cool stuff happened. First, I went to Whitney and Associates and took a tour of their labs and learned a little about what they do and why they would need a geologist over the summer (then I filled out an application....job = yes?). Second, I found out my new lenses didn't come in so I have to deal with the scratched pieces of shit for a while longer. Third, Nicole's Black Chorus concert is Saturday rather than Sunday (meh). Fourth, Dad's ready to kill the cats. And finally, the piesa resistance (wtf?) and the reason for the title, our living room window was shot with a BB gun.

You see, behind our house in East Peoria is this family named the Walkers. They have one son and one daughter. The daughter goes to school and the son is home schooled (not well apparently). Now this little shit goes around with an air rifle and shoots it in residential areas. He kills birds and he hangs out with our neighbor kid Eagen and Race the dog. We let our cats outside this is my worry with the whole thing, 1. It's illegal to shoot air rifles within city limits. 2. Eagen hangs around the kid who has behavioral issues so is a bad influence. 3. How long will it be before Eagan, Race, or one of the cats is shot. Well, he shot our window out in the garage and dad was willing to let that go, but when I pulled back the shades in the living room to get light in to study with, I noticed the hole, and dad was pissed! So dad'll probably be filing a police report with the insurance report, and I must ask this as well, the mayor of East Peoria is neighbors with this family and doesn't say jack shit about it......maybe we should elect a new mayor next election.

Before I went home to EP however, I ended up showing the Discovery Channel's new movie Supervolcano with the Geology Club and it was a huge success (Alex told me that anything I've ever done wrong for Marshak was forgiven like, 10 times over!). I enjoyed it because 1. People showed up! 2. Tony came. and 3. Libby I got to sit next to a pretty girl.....take that losers :-P. Anyway, from there I went directly home and crashed as soon as I walked in the door....of course, Spookie had to sleep on the bed that night.....little fuzzy butt (awww). Then of course the previous paragraphs ensue.

Anyway, I come home to Urbana and call Andy who's down here for a frat function. I watch "Adventures in Babysitting" with some of the guys on the floor and laugh my ass off, then I go to sleep....wake up and go to lunch with Andy, Adam, and Shannon. We get Bekah as our server and the food is excellent. Of course after the main course, Andy, Adam, and I get the bright idea to eat a third of a pie each.....after eating half of my slice, I elect to take it home (apparently I can't work "fat kid magic" like I used to :-(). Now I sit here writing this blog, not having much to say.....but since I'm talking about food, I did have beef stroganough at home. Now I know Jake hates it....and that's why he's not human....but dad usually makes it at home and it's the best shit ever! Well since the two guys from China are over here on business dad effectively babysits them and decides to take them out shooting....and these guys drag their feet like crazy (to the point where one girl went to shoot with them but left when they didn't show up a half hour after their expected time). I would have gone with them but I was SOOO tired that I couldn't stay awake. Anyway, mom cooks it and puts way to much cinnamon in and no ginger, so it doesn't taste bad but it isn't the best.

By the way ladies, I have that recipe and I CAN whichever one of you is lucky enough to date me knows I can cook at least one pun intended ;-). Well, I'm tired now and I've got studying to do when I wake Afternoon/nite!


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