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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Johnny, Do You Play Baseball?

Harrumph. I'm tired, and busy. Got a statistics exam tonight, gonna work out after that, then work on a bio lab for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, go to said bio lab, go to lunch, work on my thesis, go to my physics discussion and take a quiz. Come home and NOT go to the RA banquet since it's next week not this week (:-() which means a normal Staff D. Then work on my bio lab for the next day, go to bed, go to class the next day and my lab, then work on my thesis till I fall over from exhaustion, with a little physics pre-lab thrown in there for good measure. Then Friday, work on my lab, my thesis, go home for dinner and GO OUT! Dang, this week is packed and the weekend will be primarily thesis work.

The good news about the thesis is that my first draft is due on May 5th....that's four days later than I thought it would be due. So I've got like, 2.5 weeks to write it and finish research and I'm happy because for me that's possible. Aside from that everything's gone to shit. I'm still mad about Bish's relationship even though he isn't, I'm mad about Bekah's workmates/douchebags, I'm mad about my own situation, I'm still mad that that one girl in the bar was that stupid, and Bridget's editorial in the DI today, while funny as hell, simply bolsters my position that most women are actually girls and that girls suck. Most women are taken :-(. I love it! I brought up dating with Jason Sweat on Blaisdell 2 because he's a cool guy who probably has experience in that area and he suggested I go to Intervarsity once.....I said no because the girls there would most likely be like CRU girls who are either taken, being pursued, or are "not spiritually mature enough" and are just looking for friends. Ironically he said, "yeah, they're kinda like that." It's really sad when crap like that gets so predictible.

Aside from the obvious female pain I've had so much other crap. Geology Club elections didn't work out since, gee, no one showed up like I predicted (I'd think I'm psychic if I hadn't already had enough experience under my belt for this stuff). As a result Adam is going to send out nomination requests for five positions of the newly reformatted government and he'll write a constitution over the summer that will hopefully let us kick out leaders who consistently miss deadlines, meetings, or leave early during meetings....because if you can't kick em out they'll use it as a resume booster and it kills the club (kinda like having only 4 undergrads caring enough about the club :-/). I also turned my application for Desk Clerk next semester in and I'm worried that since my case is so exceptionally wierd (RA's have never returned as residents of their own floor and put in applications for being Desk Clerks for only a semester). I also found out that my idea for staying in my dorm for Spring (from my yearlong contract) and working at the Geological Survey won't work because I need to be a registered student here. I still have that semester off so if I can get a good temp job or internship at the survey I might look into subleasing an apartment with Tony or something....that'd be cool, and I'd still be able to visit a lot of my friends.

I also haven't heard back from Prof. Augspurger about my request to substitute Paleobotany/Paleoecology for my area two requirement in IB (an ecology related field). That would let me get out of taking evolutionary ecology and take Intro. to Christianity for an easy A. I know Alex warned me that Christians take it and the Bible as Literature expecting easy As and get slammed, but I took Bible as Literature my freshman year and it WAS an easy A. I also know what the syllabus of intro to Christianity is like and it seems like a survey of different theologies through history as well as contemporary topics like fundamentalism (ewww), liberation theology (ewww^2) and feminist theology (what? does Grudem take a whole huge ass book on this topic?). I also haven't heard from Whitney and Associates yet about my job this summer. I called them yesterday and Doug said they were just getting to the application and would contact me today and as of 3:30, nothing. I'll call em tomorrow. I also haven't talked to Student Legal Services regarding Klaus's third call to get me to buy a Visa card (I told them to take me off their list twice and inIllinois they can't call again....but they did). Let's see, what else aside from random computer errors.....funny, right as I typed that my cursor left the text box. I had to bust a large group of kids who are on like, tripple secret academic probation and will probably get kicked out if they don't play their cards right, and while I don't want them to get kicked out, I've got no sympathy for them. They've been caught on numerous occasions drinking alcohol and they should know better. I also love the attempts at bribing that goes on.......stupid kids. All I hope is that this week gets better and the weekend doesn't suck like this last one did.....I could really use a break from crap happening. Of course I'll put my list of what would greatly brighten my week/life:
1. Have more time to work on my thesis than other crappy school work.
2. Get a good girlfriend (help with this will not be looked upon with anger at all:-), and if there are any takers I'm currently accepting applications :-P).
3. Do well on this statistics exam tonight.
4. Be able to take intro to Christiantiy next semester.
5. Be able to work at the Survey in Spring after I graduate and find an apartment so my living cost-to-income ratio is below like 0.66.
6. Get into a good grad school for vertebrate paleontology studying plesiosaurs/icthyosaurs.
7. Get good grades in my classes this semester.
If anyone can help with these.....well, I'd be happy to buy you a drink or hug you....having your kids would be a little to wierd and extreme.

Oh, and to Joe Bush for sending me the naked symbol woman on the facebook.....shame on you :-D.



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