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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

One of the Few Political Blogs......EVER

This post is dedicated to Brian Bish. Hello everyone. Let's get a few things straight here.....this blog will offend. PERIOD! I don't care how much you agree with me there is probably an area or two that will offend you. My only response to this is that when you read my blog, you are looking into my mind. I'm not forcing you to read this, you are reading this because you think I have things worth saying.....that surprises me since I don't even think most of what I think should be said. Maybe I'm too humble but I usually don't think anyone cares what I think. However, in light of a few recent events both globally and personally, I need to speak out. Personal is last due to the fact that people who this affects might be put off by the length and not read it. I'm running a gamble and I'll try not to mention names. However, just lettin you know that if you read this, don't be angry with me, it isn't completely my fault. So, there's the public service announcement for the day.

You know how much I hate it yet at the same time it's so important there are times I don't think about anything but politics. For those who know me, I bet you wonder when I'm going to retreat to the mountains with Ragnar Benson and write the next book on illegal weapons smuggling or mantrapping. However, I'm not a psycho who just agrees with people. I like to think I can think for myself. I don't defend the Republican party or Bush 100%. But some of you might be saying, "but you belong to the College Republicans," and your right. I do belong to them because I pay the dollar a year dues to a group that I support more than the College Democrats and is more effective in the politics than say, the Libertarian Party (comeon Dems, you should know how much you might agree with the impotent Pot Smokers Party [Greens] but deffinately acknowledge that they lost the 2000 election for Gore). I am truly a conservative independent in mindset.

Now, Professor Valerie Hoffman of the Religious Studies Department did an egregious error when she said that she didn't understand why liberal has taken such a negative connotation and then she said, "liberal means your open minded, conservative means you are narrow minded." Well apparently the open mind of Professor Hoffman hasn't ventured into the big scary real world to realize that while those terms MEAN that, they haven't been applied in that way. Conservative is applied to mean traditional while liberal is applied to mean changing to the new(some would argue that this makes it progressive but that is without a doubt open for debate). So while making a broad generalization she completely missed the point...and it's any wonder why many down to earth people usually despise the liberal "intellectuals?"

Also, Hurricane Katrina....HOW IN GOD'S NAME IS IT BUSH'S FAULT??????!!!!!!!! Did he suddenly accrue mystical abilities that set him apart from mortal men? Did he make a deal with the devil for the abilities of Storm? Is he a mutant? Why was it his fault that Louisiana's evacuation procedures were not followed? Why was it his fault that ~ 20% of the citizens didn't leave? Why was it his fault that environmental scientists big fad now is that global warming caused the hurricane to be worse? Could John Kerry have stopped Hurricane Katrina? Of course not! People placing sole blame on Bush is F*CKING STUPID! Bush took the blame for what was his fault (appointing someone to FEMA who had no experience) but the aid being slow was slow because of lawlessness in the streets! There were rioters and gangsters shooting at our evacuation helicopters! Some Democrats plain piss me off! "The season has come for Americans to look homeward...instead of continuing to spend billions of dollars in Iraq." Apparently Senator Robert KKK Byrd has the moral authority to say anything, especially since getting us out of Iraq would stop us from helping people who aren't white with our money (oh my God did I just say that??? You bet your ass I did. I don't know if his sudden change of heart is real or not, but I honestly think it's just because that is the way his party went). Oh, and one bitch who really has no fucking authority to say anything is the Democratic governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco who said the dead, "deserve more respect than they have received." Lady, you should be bitchslapped! Your state got massively OWNED because you failed to do what you were suppossed to do in time! Bush is trying his BEST.....get over the fact that you fucking lost the last two elections after having the glorious Clinton era. People don't like you :-D. Maybe Gary Trudeau should think before he writes a comic that has negative connotations about the president. The latest one was, "him working on his abs is helping the country," with the obvious connotation that it isn't. Trudeau, your a dipshit, and I'm surprised considering you were supposed to get As at the same institution where Mr. Bush earned Cs....but then I've never been a big believer that grades necessarily proves intellect. By the way, I've been getting my quotes from the Daily Illini.

Sorry, stupid shit has a habbit of pissing me off. The other thing is with both gay marriage and abortion. The left has no clue about what is moral. The right says traditional values and the preservation of innocent life is important and they are called immoral by the left who feel that everyone needs health care and that a woman has a right to choose, and that two people who love each other but who happen to be of the same gender should be able to get married so they can get those little monetary benefits....cause that and fucking are all love and marriage are about, right? Look, if gay marriage is such a problem, get rid of it as a governmental institution. Simply have civil unions for the government and have marriages for churches/religious institutions. Of course there are problems with that...."I'm Catholic and I wanna marry a dude." If you want to marry a dude and you think your Catholic.....chances are you need to read the Catechism ALL the way through cause there are many other parts your bound to disagree on. Hey, it may have FUBARd theology, but the Episcopal church has been making really poor cultural decisions since it's inception, I'm sure they'd marry you....what else from a church founded by a King who wanted a divorce for like, no real reason....awww, true love.

Abortion: John Roberts is personally against abortion. There, I said it. I'm against abortion. You know that. Hiding behind the right to privacy is a sick reason in my mind to justify (in many instances) the wanton murder of the unborn. But hey, the U.S.'s holocaust won't have a museum like that of WWII, but maybe someday people will realize that if it feels wrong to make omlettes out of Bald Eagle eggs, killing your own fertilized ones is probably just as bad or worse. Yeah, I used logic again God damn me.

As from the previous post, the college of LAS for Lazy Asshole Slackers is still not permitting me to graduate. Of course I heard from a former coworker that his favorite experience was when he went in to talk to an advisor and the advisor was talking on AIM while he was trying to talk to her......our tax dollars at work.

I FINALLY registered for the GRE after going to both LAS and the Office of Admissions and Records. The only way I even did it was because someone at OAR had taken it last week....other than that I would have been fucked because NO ONE in this university has a fucking clue about what is going on....why do the undergrad colleges not know this?????? What the hell are there advisors for?

My cell phone has been stopped because I finally got a new one..............which hasn't come in yet. So effectively they shut down my service too early and I'm without a cell phone for a while. Whoopty-shit.

One final thing......girls, if your my friend, I care for you and I'll probably bother you with, "are you okay," etc, when you are having a bad day or whatever. If this bothers you I'm sorry, but it's my nature to be concerned because I'm not a damn douchebag. If you have a problem with this please let me know and I'll treat you like crap as does said boyfriend/friends/coworkers/parents, I'm not like that at all and you know it. Perhaps it would be good to talk to me so I don't think your mad/have some mental disorder.....that makes me worry more.

Sorry to rant about girls, I didn't do it for relationships issues, just overall, "let's get some shit straight here."

With that this has taken ~ 2hours to write so I'm off to do homework. Read wisely.


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