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Monday, September 05, 2005

Title of the Post

Heh, a little tribute to one of Bish's favorite bands (DaVincci's Notebook). How are things? Well, not bad. I'm deffinately cheerful and full of splendrous wonder. Alright, I'm not that way but really I'm not bad. School work is somewhat heavy, but this last semester should prove to be interesting (in more ways than one ;-).

Recent issues: -The flirtmastah is back! I'm flirting with several women and may even net one this time......alright, I won't get my hopes THAT high.
-Desk Clerk work is boring and I get a lot of reading done while I'm on duty.
-Jason Sweat is helping me butcher Spanish for the some hilarious ends if the responses are accurate.
-My Death Star is nearing completion and soon I'll be able to take out the Rebel All..........................sorry, nerd moment.
-Picked up a copy of Tolstoy's "A Confession" where he gets his faith back by visiting Russian peasants.
-I had a minor tantrum due to relationships with Tagge (or actually the lack thereof). I guess I'm kinda a whiner, but then again, I shouldn't worry too much.
-Cam is going to teach me how to play bagpipes (KICKASS!).
-Colin's parties are cool.
-Julia's funny when she's drunk.....for shame :-D.
-Mike actually went out for once and had a good time.
-Flirting with Nicole's floor (and herself) are fun to do, especially since most of them are freshmen and as such, MOSTLY innocent.
-Krystal has nicknamed me her "cuddle bitch" and that has led to some funny times.
-I'm going to meet Krystal and Julia's friend sometime this week and I think they both think I'm really nervous about it but they've just blown that out of proportion. I'm not too worried about it and if nothing happens between us but friendship so be it. Besides Krystal, it isn't that your pushing too hard, it's that you aren't pushing hard enough baby ;-).
-I got to see some cousins from California I haven't seen in almost a decade and I forgot how much I'm going to miss Dick even though he died about a year ago.
-I need to sign up for the GRE and the subject test in biology REALLY soon. And then I can start to apply to grad schools.

And with that you've got my post for today....enjoy! Dag YO!

OH, I did put my picture up on for me :-D.


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Anonymous Beth said...

Hey Chris! Just dropping by to say hi! Time for some relaxing (as it's too hot to be hot tubbin' tonight - maybe tomorrow!) and bed... nighty night!

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