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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Consider this part II of the epic that was yesterday's post. Believe it or not I received several comments regarding the post and I'll address them because they weren't just back patting and actually said some things that interested me.

First of all: Mike Melnikoff-You're right when you claim that I can't pick extremists and then use them as staw men. I did not mean to and I was hoping the fact that I mentioned the gay bashing minister first and eviscerated him as evidence that that was not my intention. I have never heard of anyone in "liberal America" as voicing my opinion on the origin issue and public certainly haven't. When I hear someone say something more moderate I might change my point.

Second: Matt-Thanks for the comment. I have heard the reason I gave mentioned, I just wasn't as sure that Miller said it. I've deffinately heard yours too. Even with that I still don't think a blanket statement of poor design could be really argued for depending on all the biological variables involved in ontogeny of humans/vertebrates and their developing pattern through embryogenesis.

Third: Tagge-alright, yours was backpatting :-D.

Finally: My intention was not to misconstrue anyone's opinion, nor to really piss people off. I just have a feeling that when I mention things like this people get all pissy and shit. My intention was to share my view on it and if I misrepresented someone than I'm sorry.....that's what the comment section is for.

Anything new since yesterday? Not really. I wanted to take a two hour nap, wake up and then go work out, but I think my body was kicking my ass and made me sleep for 12 whole freakin hours! AND I'M STILL TIRED! I guess I'll never actually have the power.....I'm a pretty crappy He-Man. Oh, I did go to IUB and grab some books. I got a ten dollar very short introduction to evolution (they're actually a pretty good series, even some of the wierd topics like 20th century Britain. I've got ones on theology, Darwin, cosmology, philosophy, atheism, and philosophy of science), a little card that has the periodic table in it cause I'm a freakin dork, and a ten dollar used book from Cambridge press on the Principles of Paleontology....actually for ten dollars from that publisher I almost shat myself.

I was really kinda looking for a polysci book that I may or may not have agreed with, but was just new. I didn't want Anne Am I Hot or Not Coulter's same old stuff......maybe crap, I don't know, I've never read her, nor O'Reilly et Hannity. I also didn't want the opposite extreme of Michael Supersize That Moore or Gore Let's Fabricate Shit Vidal. But I saw the same old shit.....almost no conservative books by other authors, and only liberal books that said the same old stuff about how Bush is leading us to hell, or the other really wtf books that talk about how he's leading us down a moral, I recall you lost the last election partly because your (major) party couldn't formulate a coherent thought on morality! Anyway....could SOMEONE write something NEW!? Even the history section was poor, and they didn't have very many good cheap books from Dover about History of science. Anyway, I'm ranting about decidedly stupid shit, sorry.

Well, I'm going to go now. This was partly to address the points in the comments and whatnot. Later.


Blogger Tony said...

Don't read any of 'em, pal. Anne Coulter is a loudmouth nutwhack bitch (who's old enough to be my mom and not attractive at all). She wrote a book supporting McCarthyism, for crying out loud! Bill O'Reilly likes yelling at people and is waging his own little cultural war on the air against gangsta rap and anything "non-traditional." I think he fails to realize culture can change and often does - that things like women's suffrage and racial equality were deemed unthinkable no more than 100 years ago. Mikey Moore is a mountain - he's funny, I'll give him that, but come on, man. Lamenting Gore's loss after you worked for Nader? Shame, shame. And then there's Gore Vidal - McVeigh sympathizer. He also accused FDR of inciting the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and continues to paint the Bush Administration as the perpetrators of 9/11. Good grief.

Don't read any of that trash. It's angry people yelling at each other. I'd advise "The Trouble with Government" by Derek Bok.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

You need more Ragnar Benson material.

9:04 AM  

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