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Monday, April 04, 2005

Game Over, YEAH!!!!!

Aight. Here's the stakes, Illinois is currently number 1.....that's right Dickie V., suck it! I think we're going to win it tonight and that'll be glorious....cause if we lose it'll become Hell on Earth down here and I'm gonna have to barricade the door. We're playing North Carolina at St. Louis and it'll be the toughest game ever, but our guys knew that when they got to the Final Four.

Anyway, apart from the game, life is going pretty well. I'm tired, but not unhappy. I dealt with the incompetence of the room reservation group here on campus and now as soon as I email and post fliers, the Supervolcano movie will be official (Thursday, April 7th @ 8pm). I'm also going home this weekend and getting new lenses (mine were scratched all to hell after Spring Break), I'm also going to talk to Doug Whitney about getting a job as a geologist over the summer. I'm also looking into getting contact lenses (apparently they're much cheaper than I thought they were going to be). My doctor originally suggested it but I don't like the thought of getting near my eye, however mom said she had them for years and loved them so I figured...."what the Hell, I'll give em a try."

Apparently Libby and Priscilla are going to try to find me a girl (uh oh....for obvious reasons :-o). I don't know how this whole scenario is going to play out and I'm wondering if I should just skip town and join a, that wouldn't work, I'd go insane with no women around. Well, I'm gonna do some homework before the big game....................................................GAME OVER, YEAH!


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