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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Man, I's About To Pussaputawitawitaman!

Mad and sad are two words that describe me. I'm sad that we lost the NCAA championship (don't worry, we're still #1 and Dickie V. and ESPN can STILL suck it!) and I'm mad at people in my department again for random douchebaggery. I'm also depressed that I've got a physics midterm tonight and I've only got like, 4 weeks to do finish my thesis. I'm also kinda depressed because after May, I'm at home....and I don't have as many friends at home (not to mention the "ladies"....meow!) :-(. Oh well, for the team it was a good run, for'll hurt, for my'll hurt, and for the friends....I've got some important ones at home. I guess I'm screwed from the girl standpoint.

Man, I'm going to have kids and they're going to be like, "I want to date." Since of course I won't be married or have ever dated, I'd have to tell them I don't know anything about dating....see your Uncle Andy (yes it occured to me that I wouldn't have kids if I weren't married due to never dating....but go with it!). All in all it just seems that everything is shitting on me and friends of mine....nothing seems to go right! Even when I won $10 gift certificate on a bottle of Coke, I couldn't even use the damn thing because I don't live anywhere near a I gave it away! The only plus today was me getting out of bio lab an hour and a half early, only to come home, get in bed for a nap, and HAVE MY MOM IMMEDIATELY call me! I want the hurting to STOP!

Anyway, my brain hurts from physics last night with Collin, and it'll hurt tonight afterwards...I don't even know if I'm on duty, but meh. I get to go to the Black Chorus concert April 12th since Nicole invited me and after all....what the hell would I be doing on a Sunday night? As far as school goes, I think I'm burned out to the point of considering myself checked out for the semester....I know that's bad, it's just how I feel. Now I sit and write this while I take some time off from studying and helping others and decide to get some stuff off of my chest, but I can't now because I feel guilty NOT studying or helping others.........I need a workout, massage, break, and date.....all at once wouldn't be too bad (as long as a break could be taken to shower.....and I'm NOT sick enough to say together!). I guess I'm sick enough for one thing: I bought a I heart my penis pin which I of course wore on my crotch when I went out twice (I'm not putting it on my shirt, someone'll probably come up to me and ask me who HE is and I'd have to be like, "uh, no?!"....I may not have luck with ladies but I won't become gay for crying out loud! really hurts when single girls make friendly jibes that way to >:-{}).

Wish me luck on my exam and a safe ride luck my car dies near Carlock, IL and everyone in the town turns out to be aliens or zombies. Maybe I could get a chainsaw on my hand (shameless Bruce Campbell/Army of Darkness insertion).


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